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Renovating a child’s room is no easy feat, an important space for both the child and parent. There are many things to consider including selection of furniture suitable for kids and space planning.  We present you 3 simple and yet radical kids room ideas to transform your room. 

Kids Room Ideas:

  1. Kids’ Bed 

A place for you to snuzzle up and relax, the bed frame however can be more than just a frame for your bed. With customisable furniture design, the bed frame can also be used as a storage for anything ranging from books to bed sheets and many more. With decreased amount of area for cabinets and storage, having a bed frame that can also act as a storage cabinet gives you the added benefit of a neater room and more storage. 

  1. Kids ‘ Study table 

An area for your little one to read or study, a study table is essential for your little one in his or her growing years. With power sockets and bright lights, this is an ideal study table for any studious kid. The drawers also allows for storage for important books and stationary. Too many books but not enough storage ? No problem ! The study table has plenty of room to display your favourite books and not so favourite assessment books. With a customisable design, you can design any table to your needs. This study table however, is no ordinary table, it has a flip up mirror that can instantly transform your study table  into a vanity. 

  1. Kids’ Wardrobe 

This closet is no ordinary closet ! With sliding doors that are made of whiteboard material and magnetic, your little one can express his or her creativity or even for reminders . The customisable closet design allows for the wardrobe to fit your needs. The full-length pull out mirror and flip mirror allows you to save space. With additional feature of magnetic white board on the wardrobe sliding door, to allow kids can do writing memo or even doing spelling homework on the closet door.The design saves a lot of space and gives you more space. The closet also gives you the needed storage for all your clothes and jewellery. You can customise the closet to your needs and save space. 

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