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  1. Closets can be any size you wish to make them

Was this shocking to you? It sure was to me. At Haus Bedroom, they are able to work with any sort of measurement given to them, since they aren’t bound by any fixed measurements. At Haus, the sky’s the limit!

  1. The configuration of your wardrobe to fit your needs!

Since you more or less live out your life based on your wardrobe, it helps greatly if your wardrobe is made to fit your needs. At Haus, they have customised storage solutions designed just for you! From shelving and drawers too shoe racks and hanging bars, there’s no doubt you’ll find what suits you the most in Haus range of flexible wardrobe configurations.

  1. Haus promise for quality

Quality is better than quantity, this is evident in Haus, where a German manufacturing system utilising the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to produce the best storage system produces every design sent for manufacturing at Haus Bedroom. All cabinet systems also have a 2 year warranty.

  1. Use of German Technology

As mentioned above, Haus utilizes German machinery. It ensures precision to the nearest measurement for every cutting and drilling process. Haus’ German machinery is also used to do edging, ensuring that every single Haus product is in tip top condition, of the same quality each and every single time

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