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Our Passion

After a long day at work, all of us want to return to a safe haven – a comfortable and relaxing home. At Haus Bedroom, our passion is making your life more efficient and enjoyable by creating an organised closet and customised storage solutions.

You deserve the best in quality, variety and sophistication. Our philosophy is to create, transform, and refresh every area of your home, so we can tailor your furniture needs to your personal lifestyle.

Haus Bedroom’s success today is built over the years, thanks to our valued clients, who have supported us through recommendations and word of mouth referrals.

Bring your floor plan to us, and our designers will conceptualise solutions to save and reclaim space that you never knew you had! Our consultants possess the experience and expertise to ensure that the new storage system will serve your lifestyle needs and daily habits.

Be prepared for an all-new organised and orderly wardrobe. With Haus Bedroom, no stone is left unturned when we plan for your space.

Our Services

Haus Bedroom is currently leading Pole system closet supplier, The company has always base on its vision on the search of quality by updating good qualities material and High Tech Production system. With various of expertise to make your comfortable home with us

We’ve been creating cabinets, closet organizers and custom storage solutions for people like you. We’ve helped them refine spaces,discover hidden potential,and most importantly find balance.

A skilled cabinet Design Consultant works closely with you to analyze your space and your requirements.

Once your cabinet designis finalized, your cabinet orders are passed on to our newly reform German manufacturing system to optimised the output and workmanship where only the finest materials are used.

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