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``A long ride, with a few bumps and many exciting challenges, from 2005 to the present. We never feel enough as we constantly strive for excellence, a magnificent obsession for quality every day and in every detail. ``

closetdesign at balestier 2005 medium

In 2005, we started ClosetDesign as we have a passion to build comfortable homes for individuals. Our first showroom is at Balestier Road, next to the Founder Bah Kut Teh.

hausbedroom at kakibukit at 2016 medium

The year 2012, we established HausBedroom which focuses on designing & space planning for bedrooms.

men at factory full

In 2015, we invested in both the German Homag system as well as the Austria Holzher system, the two most reputable production systems in our industry that guarantee seamless processes

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In 2017, we offer our flagship products and signature items to everyone, creating an easy option for them to buy online.

Kitchen 9

Year 2018, we expanded to create other types of modular wardrobes and kitchen systems beyond the pole system. We want to satisfy all customer requirements

happy customer

Year 2019, we pride ourselves to be " the expert carpentry with astute design ability". Happy customer with us.