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HausBedroom Plus Pole System

HausBedroom Plus Pole System is our own branded system that has been tried and tested since 2005. It is the most flexible system which allows you full control on configuration. This is exactly what you want when customising a wardrobe.

Choose from multiple-coloured safety glass or shelves to even accessories to meticulously organise your wardrobe. Jewellery tray, pull-out mirror and even a hidden vanity closet, you can have it all. Another plus. The system can be easily re-configured when you need them. Into another bedroom or a new home.  Unlike traditional carpentry system, this configuration flexibility allows you to save in the long term.

Our Investment in Technology = Quality & Durability

- Always a cool cut.

Cutting, trimming, drilling, polishing and ABS edging, it is a long road from the unprocessed panel to the finished wardrobe with many processing stations on the way. We invest both the German Homag system as well as the Austria Holzher system, the two most reputable production systems in our industry that guarantee seamless processes.

The result is always a cool cut. Always Precision. To you, it means Quality & Durability.

Panel Saw

Holzma PROFIT HPP 300/32/32

CNC machine

Homag PTP160

ABS Edging Machine